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PBR Texture Painting

ArmorPaint is an in-development software for physically-based texture painting of 3D models. Import geometry and start painting right away. A modern viewport provides instant visual feedback as you paint.

ArmorPaint is a texturing companion ready to work with PBR-capable engines such as Armory, Unreal, Unity, Cycles.

Node Based

Work fast with the convenience of nodes. ArmorPaint uses a subset of standard material nodes found in Cycles render engine. This enables you to paint with complex, fully procedural materials using the proven workflow. Apart from materials, brush nodes are used to create painting patterns, shapes and procedural brushes.

Cowboy by Ricardo28roi

GPU Accelerated

ArmorPaint is designed from scratch to run completely on the GPU. This results in a smooth 4K painting experience even on a medium-power integrated hardware. Up to 20K texture painting is seamless using a high-end graphics card.

Armory Engine

ArmorPaint is powered by the Armory render engine. Armory is an open-source 3D game engine with full Blender integration, turning it into a complete game development tool.